Criteria for non-acceptance

Excessive or gratuitous violence, nudity and/or profanity.

Content that advocates and supports racial, cultural, religious, or gender bias.

Films may also be disqualified for technical or procedural reasons, including:

Films not subtitled or dubbed into the English language.

Films that are purely educational or instructional in nature.

JURIES: The Festival’s council of administration selects a jury composed of a 5 member minimum chosen from professionals of cinema and the artistic, cultural, and social world.

Members of the jury cannot have any relations (commercial, production, or family) with the works in the competition.

Official Selection for Ethiopian/African films

Criteria for selection:

The action of the film should be Ethiopian/African life-driven focused and the stories should be culturally authentic, timely and of universal appeal.

Films and videos submitted to EIFF should be made for and about Ethiopia/Africa.

Film content should be creative, highly original and demonstrate artistic and technical mastery.

Content should speak positively to Ethiopian/African of diverse backgrounds and cultures and should provide resilient role models for the rest of the world.

The official selection films made last year (Ethiopian calendar) compete for the EIFF awards.The others are categorized as non-competent.

Title 6: Insurances

The films are under the responsibility of the Ethiopian International Film Festival as soon as they are received.
The Ethiopian International Film Festival covers the insurance fees.

The Ethiopian International Film Festival’s responsibility ends when the copies are returned. In case of loss or deterioration during the festival, the responsibility of the festival is only restricted at the value of the copy.

Participation Conditions

Any person, no matter their origin, can propose a fiction, drama or documentary, long or short film. Film makers are encouraged to propose several pieces of work.

Candidates must send EIFF their inscription files with a DVD before September 15/ 2013.
The registration for the festival gives EIFF the right of projection at the Ethiopian International Film Festival.

Title 7: Litigation rules

In case of dispute, if no agreement has been found, we must refer to International jurisdictional court.

Title 5: The Films Disposals

For selection, the DVDs must be sent by mail. The sender is responsible for transportation fees. The package must contain the film and its promotional press files with synopsis and photos of the film.

The shipment must be free of customs’ charges. It must also imperatively indicate “no commercial value” on the package.

Copies of the selected films must be received no later than October 5/2013. The films must be in good projection condition.

The International Ethiopian Film Festival only covers the fees for the return of the selected 35 mm films.

The projections will be done in DVD, Beta cam.

The DVD supports must be compatible to the standard systems.