The 10th Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOIFF)

The 10th Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOIFF) held in November 9 to 16 2015/16 throughout Addis Ababa with the theme “The Promising of Creative Economy”. During the time local and international feature, documentary, and short films participated.

Participant local Ethiopian feature films:

Belatena                             Fikren laden

Adugna                                Alem beqagn

Aemarian                           And jegna

Emnet                                  esktmechi libed

Juliet                                     Yefiqer tera

Lamba                         Yefiqer menged

Heryet                         Yenegen alwedem

Keletat                         Yefiker kal

Enqopa                                Yenegerkush ilet

Ygeter lij

The 10th ETHIOIFF presented awards in 10 categories: Best feature, Best Director, Best screen play, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting actor, Best Supporting actress, Best promising child and Audience Choice.

The 10th ETHIOIFF presented:

Best Feature film – “Lamba”

Best director -  Anteneh Haile from “Lamba”

Best Screenplay -  Anteneh Haile from “Lamba”

Best Cinematography -  Billy Mekonin from “Ande jegina”

Best Actor -  Girum Ermias from “Lamba”

Best Actress - Estehiwot Abebe from “keletat”

Best Supporting Actor - Kassahun Fisiha from “Ande Jegina”

Best supporting Actress - Tina G/Amlak from “Eskitmeche Libed”

Best Promising child -  Amanuel Crek from “Keletat”

Audience choice – “Alem Bekagn”