The 9th Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOIFF)

The 9th Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOIFF) held in November 17 to 24 2014/15 throughout Addis Ababa with the theme “CHILDREN FILM WORLD COLOR: BLACK & WHITE”. During the time local and international feature, documentary, and short films participated.

Participant local Ethiopian feature films:

Rebuni                                                  Kemis Yelebeskulet

Kehig Belai                                          Timetaleh Biye

W/t dingil                                            Bechis Tedebike

Sir Mizewa                                          Yebekur Lij

Tashigual                                             Yemehan Mit

Eshtaol                                                 Tikur Engida

Bata Koyign                                        Neke tiweld

Enena bête

The 9th ETHIOIFF presented awards in 10 categories: Best feature, Best Director, Best screen play, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting actor, Best Supporting actress, Best promising child and Audience Choice.

The 9th ETHIOIFF presented:

Best Feature film - “Rebuni”

Best director -  Kidist Yilma from “Rebuni”

Best Screenplay -  Kidist Yilma from “Rebuni”

Best Cinematography -  Tariku Desalegn and Sewmehon Yismaw from “Kemis Yelebeskuelet”

Best Actor - Tezera Lema  from “Yebekur Lij”

Best Actress - Ruta Mengistab from “Rebuni”

Best Supporting Actor - Tedros Fekadu from “Timetaleh Biye”

Best supporting Actress - Edilwork Tasew from “Sir Wizewa”

Best Promising child -  Yabsira Teklu from “Rebuni”

Audience choice - “Rebuni”