The 4th Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOIFF)

The 4th Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOIFF) held in November, 23 - 29, 2009/10 at National Theatre, Italian Culture Institute, Imperial Hotel, and Addis Ababa City Hall with the theme “LOST AND FOUND”. During the time local and international feature, documentary, and short films participated.

Participant local Ethiopian feature films:
Yikrita                            Sitota
Addis Mushira                  Kemaydersubet
Yemshitu Fitsame            Alitegnam
Roman                           Baletaxiw
Enkoklish                        Dezdemona
Adera                            Yewondoch Guday 2
Guramayle                      Tikur Netib
Silanchi                          Meklit

The 4th ETHIOIFF presented awards in 7 categories: Best Director, Best screen play, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting actor, Best Supporting actress and Best Jury Prize.

The 4th ETHIOIFF presented:
Best Director - Manyazewal Endashaw from DEZDEMONA
Best Screen Play – Tsegaye from SILANCHI
Best Actor -  Liuel Solomon from SILANCHI
Best Actress - Birtukan Befikadu from DEZDEMONA
Best Supporting Actor - Kiros Hailselasie from SILANCHI  
Best Supporting Actress  - Beletu from  MEKLIT