The 3rd Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOIFF)

The 3rd Ethiopian International Film Festival (ETHIOIFF) held in November, 24 - 30, 2008 at National Theatre, Edna moll and Imperial Hotel with the theme “VALUE EACH OTHER”. During the time local and international feature, documentary, and short films participated.

Participant local Ethiopian feature films:
Fidel Adagn                    Alitegnam
Comoros                        Agazi Operation
Yemshitu Fitsame            Bekachin
Abrak                            Ayda
Kenan                           And Edil
Mizewochu                    Albo
Girdosh                         Jiraf
Aldewolem                    Mara
Sink Sar                        Ahadu
11gnaw Seat                Love dot com                    

The 3rd ETHIOIFF presented awards in 9 categories: Best Director, Best screen play, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting actor, Best Supporting actress, Best Camera Man, Best Editor and Best Jury Prize.

The 3rd ETHIOIFF presented:  
Best Director - Abrham Gezahagn from MIZEWOCH
Best Screen Play – Aron Yeshitela from MIZEWOCHU
Best Actor -  Samsom Tadese from FIDEL ADAGN
Best Actress - Helina Tefera from ALTEGNAM
Best Supporting Actor - Yigerem Dejene from FIDEL ADAGN
Best Supporting Actress  - Almaz Haile from KOMOROS
Best Camera Man - Paulos Regassa from AGAZI OPERATION
Best Editor - Liuel Abadi from KOMOROS
Best Jury Prize … Haimanot Alemu from GIRDOSH